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ALL4TENNIS Foundation

“Quality coaching accessible to everyone.”


All4Tennis foundation is partnering up with dedicated passionate coaches across the nation. 


Through the community funding and support we will bring high quality coaching to our 4 tiers of development.


Tier 1 

Teaching beginners fluid tennis mechanics.

Introducing a healthy balanced nutritious diet.

Designing fun and rewarding team competition through Universal tennis Team Tennis and matchplay events.


Tier 2

Investing in our talented athletes to help them compete nationally and internationally.

Creating a team of coaches to help them with all aspects of development 

1. technical coach

2. hitting coach 

3. nutritionist 

4. fitness coach 

5. mental training coach 

6. tournament travel coach

7. level 1 GPCTA Mentor


Tier 3 

Designed for athletes that are ready to compete in college and have aspiration to turn pro.

We lose 62% of our scholarship to foreign players every year due to the lack of high quality coaching and poor mentorship. Our local talent end up quitting tennis or joining colleges primarily for education and give up on playing tennis in college. Most of our talented college athletes are not able to travel and compete nationally and internationally due to the expense of travel and high quality coaching. The foundation will allocate funds to help them with all aspects of development,travel expenses, and mentorship 


Let’s develop athletes and take back the 62% of scholarships that we are losing to foreigners.


With your support we can make the talented athletes dream of playing in a grand slam a reality.


Tier 4 

Low income families and families affected by covid 19 that have kids that would like to play tennis the foundation will fully fund their training. 

For more information about the foundation and what they do and provide, contact Kareem Gobran at 714-588-8786. 


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