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HIgh Performance tennis program

EPG training session:

  • 15 min gather of the team & dynamic warm-up. 

  • 20min feeding drills or live ball warm-up with emphasis on footwork, posture and finding all the strokes with rhythm and balance.

  • 20min of live ball drills with emphasis on patterns, consistency, game time focus and intensity.

  • Short Break

  • 20min Situational point play with emphasis on applying tactical and emotional awareness. 

  • 15minutes of Serve and Return

  • Short Break

  • Last 90-120min: Performance Time! 


With the emphasis to raise the level of  play to EPIC proportions, our players can have an opportunity to compete and apply their physical, mental and emotional tools to thrive through the obstacles and pressure that our coaching staff and or teammates produce. 


-Elite Performers Inspired Competitors-


Daily Games for Competition:

  • Singles &/or doubles; Point Play (like Bump, King/Queen of the Court)

  • Match Play (sets) that are either practice or Verified. 

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