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Our programs are designed for the dedicated competitive player. Whether beginner level or high performance program level, EPG develops all areas of the game.


All players will be assessed and placed in groups, with the discretion of the coaches to move them as they see fit. Since players levels can change from day to day, our players will honor the code of mastery and will work with anyone below, at the same level or anyone above as well. 


In a typical private, small or large group session, participants will learn to develop and incorporate power, touch, spin and overall control of their shots. Our methods through repetition, we focus on shot patterns and proper footwork applied with tactical awareness simulated through point and match play. 


Participants will build a strong understanding to rules, etiquette and competitive spirit for matchplay, as this is a large aspect of our program, the performance. 


Groups are not meant for high volumes of specific coaching or detailed instruction, but rather a way for the players to learn to become their own coach, cheerleader for themselves & be responsible of what they have been taught in their private lessons.


Private lessons are recommended for in-depth technical, mental and emotional development. Since each individual develops his or her own playing style at their own pace, the process of building a strong trusting player coach relationship is the goal and the formula for success. 

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