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EPIC Tennis



EPG Tennis Academy provides a complete tennis training program, where our youth and adults work together to master their craft in all facets of the sport. Our focus is to develop a highly competitive culture based on performance, a full expression of ones skill set and their competitive drive.


Our mission is to challenge the limitations of our athlete’s mind, body and spirit. The goal as a collaborative effort, is to strive beyond one’s own ambitions and selflessly allow ourselves to manifest an experience of purely inspired tennis.


We creatively design ways to raise the level of competition where both sides of the court pursue their highest potential while dealing with obstacles, adversity and performance pressures. When this mindset is assimilated properly, both winning and or losing can benefit competitors. This experience ultimately becomes a mix of confidence and momentum, the two essential components to winning, mastery and what EPG calls an “EPIC Moment”. These types of moments become skill sets which are applicable in all aspects of life.  


“Be an Elite Performer Inspired Competitor in life through tennis. It is the standard in which We see our players triumph as champions.” - A.J. de Leon


Step One

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