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EPIC Summer Camp Program 2021


Futures: Ages 5 - 10 yrs old

(4:00 - 5:30 pm : Mon,Wed,Fri)

Introduction of Tennis. Learning by way of fun and guided discovery. Tennis and Athletic Skills Development.


$ 20/session or $ 175 : 10 session package deal




Recreational: Beginner/Intermediate

(5:30:00 - 7:30 pm : Mon, Wed, Fri )



This session is for non-tournament players, ages 12-18 and beginners with little to no experience. Cross over athletes or athletes preparing for try out for their high school tennis team.


Players in this session may qualify for our Intermediate program after a thorough assessment by coaches.


Our focus is on tennis fundamentals, physical conditioning, tactical awareness through friendly and fun competition.


$ 40/session or $ 350 : 10 session package deal




Intermediate Tournament Players

(3:00 - 6:00 pm : Tues, Thurs)



This session is for players who may have UTR Ratings of 1-5, who have been playing tennis for 2-3 years, that has tournament experience, who's looking to make varsity on their high school team and/or thinking of joining tournaments, leveling up and looking to earn a higher ranking or rating.


Program will include fed and live-ball drills, point play and physical conditioning.

Players in this session may qualify to move up to our advance program, but only if there is room and only after a thorough assessment by coaches.

Our focus is on technical control, consistency and patterns of play and a high standard of mental and emotional intensity will be introduced along with tactical and character/emotional awareness.


$ 50/session or $ 450 :10 session package deal





Advanced Tournament Players

(9:30 - 12:30 pm : Mon,Wed,Fri)



Patterns of play drills, some fed drills and on-court physical conditioning and plenty of situational point play.


Singles or Doubles Match Play (sets and/or point play).


Our focus is on playing with respect, responsibility and reciprocity to the game, players and coaches. The goal is to maintain the highest standard of physical, mental and emotional awareness.

$ 70/session or $ 650 : 10 session package deal



Verified UTR Match Play

(9:00 - 12:00 nn : Tues,Thur)

For tournament players only. Must have a UTR rating. Players will be grouped accordingly. Rotational match ups between players for point play.  Experience tactical and situational games with the  coaches' supervision to better prepare for weekend tournament. 

$ 45/event

2021 Epic Tennis Summer Registration 

Thank you for your registration!


Covid protocols will be in placed at all times. 

- Social distancing enforced

- Masks are required

- No sharing of personal equipment, food or drink

- All equipment will be sanitized regularly. 


For more info please contact

Phone: 562-307-5615 / 562-746-3011

or Email:

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